The Assignation Authority for “.es” domain names is going to revoke the accreditation of two Accredited Registrars (Indom and PlanetDomain), due to their failing fulfilling the contract signed with Red.es.  From 29th June 2017 on, said Accredited Registrars will not be able to mediate in the assignation of new “.es” domain names. However, in order to cause the least possible setback to the affected domain name holders, the actual withdrawal will be deferred to 30th August 2017.

As a consequence of the above, we urge the beneficiaries of “.es” domain names managed by Indom and PlanetDomain, to transfer their domain names to another Registrar accredited by Red.es as soon as possible. The list of Accredited Registrars can be consulted on the following link: http://www.dominios.es/dominios/en/agentes-registradores/todos-los-agentes-registradores

In the event that the holders of the affected domain names do not proceed to transfer them before 30th August 2017, said domain names will be managed directly by the Assignation Authority provisionally, for 2 months. Pursuant to section nineteen of the Instruction of the General Director of Red.es, 2nd January 2010, under which the procedures applicable to the assignation and to the other operations assigned to the Registry under the “.es” are developed, during that period (from 31st August 2017 to 31st October 2017):

  • The beneficiary of the domain name will be able to request a voluntary transfer of the management of the domain name to any Accredited Registrar.
  • It will be possible to renew the domain names managed provisionally by the Assignation Authority only once and for a maximum period of one year. The fee applicable to renewals requested during this period will be 4.09 € (VAT excluded).

From 1st November 2017 on, all the domain names whose beneficiaries have not requested a transfer of their management to another Accredited Registrar, will be managed directly by the Assignation Authority, applying the regular fees for this kind of management (27.59 €, VAT excluded).

We remind the beneficiaries of domain names whose management passes to the Assignation Authority, that they will be able to keep the hosting service they hired. However, the Assignation Authority when managing the “.es” domain names does not provide any additional service, i.e. hosting, so for “.es” domain names under management of the Assignation Authority those services will have to be hired with other entities.

The regulations applicable to this procedure can be consulted on the following link: http://www.dominios.es/dominios/sites/dominios/files/1263986968059.pdf

For any further clarification or query, please contact us at this same email address (info@dominios.es) or through our Customer Service number 0034 912661574.