The Domain Names National Plan establishes as assignation condition for the registry of a “.es” domain name that the requesters shall give their identifying data, being responsible of their truthfulness and accuracy as well as informing the assignation authority immediately of any modification made on those data. This assignation condition shall be applied on any “.es” domain, regardless of the registry being made by a Registrar Agent or by the option of direct registration with Red.es (End User). This means that it is compulsory to give, among others, the data related to the name or corporate name, a valid email address, and their official ID number.

Said assignation criterion for domain names under the “.es” must guarantee the adequate equilibrium between trust and juridical security needed for the development of e-commerce and other services and activities online, as well as the flexibility and agility required to make the satisfaction of the assignation of domain names under “.es” possible.

In order to guarantee that the data associated to the registration of the domain names are correct, Red.es has started an ex-officio procedure on the data base associated to “.es” domains, aiming to identify irregularities. By means of this process multiple registrations of “.es” domain names managed by Registrar Agents presenting errors related to the company´s ID numbers  associated to the domain have been identified, on them a depuration process has been made, whose details can be found on this link:

Having the above into account, Red.es has also identified several registrations of “.es” domains managed by the End User that present incorrect data in their registration and which will undergo the following procedure aiming to carry out the convenient corrections:

1st) A notification will be sent to the Registrant and Administrative Contact associated to the domain name, informing them that they have a deadline of 30 days to correct the deficiency found in the registration data of the domain name under their management.

2nd) During this period we will try to contact by phone with the Registrar or Administrative Contact associated to the domain in order to advise in case of any query when making the requested corrections. In this communication the user will be informed of the notification sent beforehand and of the importance of correcting the error detected.

Phases 1 and 2 above will be made before the Special Cancellation Procedure is initiated, this procedure can result in the cancellation of the domain name.

3rd) If the notification period finishes and the errors found have not been offset. Red.es will initiate a Special Cancellation Procedure of the domain. When this procedure is started, the Registrant or Administrative Contact of the domain name will have to correct the errors identified and make the allegations they deem appropriate so that they can prove that the data of the Registrant of the domain name are truthful and correct. It is important to highlight that this Procedure does not allow to make a change of ownership of the domain name —that is, an ownership transmission—, it only allows to show that the data presented in the registration of the domain name, once the incorrect data associated to the company´s ID have been corrected, are truthful and correct.

You can find more information about the Special Cancellation Procedure here.