We inform you that from next 2nd October 2017, the ViaPago system will no longer be available for the payment of registrations and renewals of the domains managed directly with In its place, we will use a Virtual POS of Santander Bank, which will only allow payments through Visa, Mastercard, 4B and Maestro cards.


The Assignation Authority for “.es” domain names is going to revoke the accreditation of two Accredited Registrars (Indom and PlanetDomain), due to their failing fulfilling the contract signed with  From 29th June 2017 on, said Accredited Registrars will not be able to mediate in the assignation of new “.es” domain names. However, in order to cause the least possible setback to the affected domain name holders, the actual withdrawal will be deferred to 30th August 2017.


The Domain Names National Plan establishes as assignation condition for the registry of a “.es” domain name that the requesters shall give their identifying data, being responsible of their truthfulness and accuracy as well as informing the assignation authority immediately of any modification made on those data. This assignation condition shall be applied on any “.es” domain, regardless of the registry being made by a Registrar Agent or by the option of direct registration with (End User).

Next 28th May, the domain portal ".es" will replace the current SSL certificate for a new one, with a key length of 2048 bits and SHA-256 algorithm. With this update, will improve its portal protection and increase the security of established connections with the website. 

As registrant  of a .es domain name, you may receive or have received a notification from or its Accredited Registrar relating to the need to update the data associated with your ".es" domain. We would ask that you take your time and follow the instructions received to fully guarantee that your domain name is correctly registered. This will avoid problems identifying the beneficiary, ensuring compliance with the requirements for exercising the right to use your ".es" domain name.