Activity description:

Founded in January 1996 and a part of the BT Global Services telecommunications group, Arrakis is one of the leading internet services providers in the Spanish market. The main competitive advantages that set us apart in the Spanish internet and multimedia market are the simplicity of our products, our innovative nature and our personalised Customer Support Service, available 365 days a year. Our efforts have been recognised by the specialised sector and our customers. We have set the clear objective of always providing the highest quality, backed by the SGS QUALICERT Certificate.

Additional services:

Internet connection solutions for conventional PSTN/ISDN and ADSL lines, added value services and access to the control panel to manage services. Line of advanced services for companies: tailor-made connectivity packages (PSTN/ISDN and ADSL), E-mail Domains and Shared Hosting. Arrakis ADSL, a broadband connection with a 24-hour Flat Rate, high-speed internet and specialised technical services, to connect a single computer or the company's entire LAN. As a new telephone services operator, ARRAKIS offers Voice Services and different discount and flat-rate plans, as well as the option of having a single integrated internet and telephone operator for your communications, with substantial savings.